Экзам. темы, англ. яз.

УРГУ, РГФ, II курс, 3 семестр Преп.: Черноок

темы по программе УрГУ, РГФ, предмет устная речь, англ. яз.
просто хороший материал про english character, food, travelling, книгу Jane Eyre.
Автор: Ирина
(Sent by Lula May)


  • The English Character
  • Comment on the statement: “Food for life or life for food”
  • Development of fast food culture
  • Dieting: pros and cons
  • Is there such a notion as “American cuisine”?
  • Negative effects of fast food culture
  • Comment on the statement: “You are what you eat”
  • Anything is good if you are really hungry. How far do you agree with that?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different ways of travelling
  • Travelling alone or with a family
  • Extreme ways of travelling
  • Allurement of travelling
  • Jane and the Reeds
  • Discipline at Lowood
  • Three stages in Jane's life
  • Love comes into Jane’s life
  • The English abroad
  • The United States and Britain are going to get more and more mixed up together
  • Why England is England? What are the elements of that power which the English hold over other nations?
  • Tastes of Britain

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