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Хорошее сочинение по Английскому языку на тему «Мое Хобби»
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Автор: Яна Викторовна.
(Sent by janusia90)


  • My hobbies

  • Hello! My name is Yana. I’d like to tell you about my deferent hobbies. One of them is writing poems. The ideas come from books, documentaries or just from my life.
  • I have been writing poems for 10 years. My best poem is devoted to my Mum. It was written on the occasion of her birthday. And Mum was certainly very happy. I mainly write about autumn and about love. Seven years ago was published my book called “One Life”, which brought me fame. To be honest, it was too difficult to bare it. And then I decided to be a regular person and to live a common life. Since then I have been writing only for myself. Some time ago I even tried to write prose. Recently I have created the fairy-tail called “The Wonderful Rescue or Brave Warrior”. And yet, my dream is drama writing. It is to be something about love.
  • As for my second hobby, I am fond of listening romantic music and church singing. But, unfortunately, I don’t like classical music. It puts me in a mood. The third hobby is the most interesting one. I am greatly interested in Old Russian Literature. I admire Christian people showing endurance and courage defending Christianity.

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