Сочинение-образец по английскому языку.

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Хорошее сочинение по Английскому языку на тему «Моя Семья"
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Автор: Яна Викторовна.
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  • Сочинение по английскому языку по теме "Моя Семья"

  • My family

  • Hello! My name is Yana and I would like to tell you about my family. It is not very large but very friendly. They are my mother Iren, my father Victor, my sister Ann and me. We also have a cat called Sonya, that’s because she likes to sleep all the time.
  • My father is a military man, he is a lieutenant colonel. In his free time my father likes watching the news on TV, as he is interested in politics in different countries. Still my father likes exercising lifting weights at home. He also tries to learn working on the computer. In the evenings he watches some serious films or a comedy on TV.
  • My mum is a very nice and shy woman. She is a housewife and cooking is her hobby. She can also sew and knit. My sister and I are very pleased with the sweaters she makes for as. Skirts sewn by her look like brand-name. My sister Ann who is Twenty years old studies at the Polish philology faculty. Ann likes English, French and Polish. She is interested in history and she is a very talented girl. Unlike Ann, I don’t like history and I devote most of my time to learning Literature as I’m specializing in Russian philology. I am fond of listening romantic music and church singing. That is the way my family live.

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