Сочинение-образец по английскому языку.

БФУ имени Канта факультет филологии и журналистики отделение русский язык и литература Преп.: Ершова И.А

Хорошее сочинение по Английскому языку на тему «О себе"
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Автор: Яна Викторовна.
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  • Сочинение по английскому языку на тему о себе

  • About myself

  • I’d like to tell you about myself. My name is Yana Victorovna, I’m twenty. I left my school in 2008 and now I’m a student of the Baltic State University, which is named after Emmanuel Kant in the city of Kenigsberg. I am studying Russian philology. There are lots of interesting subjects at our faculty, we have to read much and I wouldn’t say that it bothers me. I admire all my teachers, because they are very talented and interesting people. And they inoculated me with the interest to read.
  • As to my free time, I don’t have much of it, unfortunately. But if I have any, I devote it to my hobbies. I like writing poem. I have been writing them for 11 years. I mainly write about autumn and about love. And yet they reflect all the important events in my life. In 2003, when there were quite a few verses, I decided to publish them. Since then I have been writing only for myself because of the lack of fresh ideas.

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